Having left rural Italy to make it in Berlin, young painter Paolo moves from flat to flat, struggling to fit in with his flatmates bizarre lifestyles.
When an embarrassing video of him becomes viral, Paolo is forced into an artistic journey that will bring him to explore the city and himself.


Berlin 3

When Paolo moves to Berlin to achieve success as an artist, running away from his sheltered life in a beautiful Italian rural town, his life will change much more than he expected. He soon gets stuck in an exhausting delivery job and a filthy hostel room, while he keeps clashing with odd flatmates in unsettling room interviews. However, his adventure eventually takes a turn when his long time girlfriend, left behind without a proper notice, has enough of his clumsy lies and publishes a private video of him painting and awkwardly stripping. The video goes viral and turns into a hit, making Paolo finally well known, just not the way he wished though. Sarah, an extravagant agent, approaches him, willing to take advantage of his viral fame and transform him into the next artistic icon of the city. His new love interest, Catherine, pushes him to overcome his reasonable doubts and to embrace this journey to become an artistic product of a shameless reality. As he wanders from flat to flat, party to party, meeting crazy flatmates from all over the world, whose lifestyle too often impacts his own, Paolo attempts to remodel his Persona in the struggle to fit into the city.


FLATMATES is a classic fish out of water story, fastpaced, with a mixture of comedy and drama, set in the lively and colourful city of Berlin.

8 Episodes (30 min.) Genre: Dramedy

The series will feed the younger generation’s hunger for fresh and snappy online content, but is aiming also to resonate with the experiences of an audience who has lived on their skin the complexity of an intense metropolis or dreams to become part of it . Ultimately, FLATMATES is a series about pursuing one’s own dreams, while dealing with the social expectations and constraints of day to day life.




Warm, sensitive and good humoured, Paolo is a charming and likeable person who has spend most of his life living a frivolous day-to-day existence in rural Italy. Despite this, when the opportunity to go to Berlin comes, Paolo ditches his quiet and uneventful life in favour of the exciting promise of becoming an artist in Berlin. Paolo’s good character however, also makes him vulnerable to exploitation from others combined with the understandable mishaps and misunderstandings one has when moving to a new place, Paolo constantly finds himself in embarrassing and compromising situations that cause him to constantly battle to keep his dream alive.

Played by


Giorgio Cantarini made his film debut in the 1997 Roberto Benigni directed comedy-drama Life is Beautiful, playing Benigni’s four-year-old son ‘Giosuè Orefice’, who is sent with his Jewish-Italian father to a German concentration camp during World War II. The film won three Academy Awards. In 1998, Cantarini was awarded alongside his Life Is Beautiful castmates with a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture and the same year he won the Young Artist Award.

His second film appearance was in the 2000 Ridley Scott-directed period action/drama Gladiator. Giorgio was cast as the son of Oscar winner Russell Crowe’s character ‘Maximus’.

In 2001, Cantarini appeared in the Hallmark Hall of Fame American television film adaptation of author Eric Newby’s autobiographical novel Love and War in the Apennines (retitled In Love and War) as ‘Slavko’.


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Born and raised in Berlin, Catherine is the product of the city’s vibrant cultural diversity, with a unique sense of style that derives from her broad range of tastes and interests. Catherine is very involved in the Berlin underground scene, living a day by day, moment to moment existence and has countless unfulfilled dreams and ambitions. Exciting, accepting and charming, Catherine embodies all that draws people to Berlin from around the world.

Played by


Julia started her creative path singing at the age of five, played school theatre and began working as an actress about two years ago. She hasn’t stopped working ever since, appeared in several student films in Los Angeles and Germany and shot her first independent short film “sol-i-taire” by Farahd Wallizada last year. Besides modeling, she has been able to further explore her creativity while performing in commercials and music videos such as “One Drink” by the Irish band Picture This!

The Best Friend


One of Paolo’s closest friends, Giorgio is carefree and often acts on impulsive desires, meaning that spending time with Giorgio always leads to awkward and hilarious situations. He never really grew up and after dropping out of university, he slipped quite happily into the same frivolous and unchallenging life that Paolo ultimately rejects. He is yet to leave home and may well have been a successful musician, but lacks the determination and self discipline. During Paolo’s adventures in Berlin, Giorgio keeps in touch with voice messages. and while they are a huge source of comfort for Paolo, they are also a constant reminder of a temptingly easier life back home. Giorgio is supportive of Paolo’s choice to leave, even if it inadvertently shines a light on his own lack of ambition and uneventful life.

Played by


Miguel Gobbo Diaz is an Italian actor of Dominican origin. Born in Santo Domingo he studied at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, the most important film school in Italy. Miguel is a tenacious actor. From a very young age he has been constantly involved in the theatre scene, falling in love with it and becoming acquainted with many important personalities of both the stage and cinema world who invested in his talents and helped him cultivate his artistic formation. Right after his graduation from the cinema school, he landed his first role as a protagonist in Claudio Fragrasso’s film “La grande rabbia”, released in cinemas all over Italy on April the 28th 2016. Soon after that, Miguel appeared in a self-produced adaptation for the stage of Pinter’s “The Dumb Waiter”, at the Teatro Tordinona in Rome. He also appeared recently in the American film “Deprivation” directed by Brian Skiba, which will be released in the states next year.
He has recently worked on the Tv Series “Nero a Metà” in the Lead Role, the police officer Malik Soprani. He was also on stage in the play “Fuorigioco – The Pass of John Donnelly, at the Piccolo Teatro Eliseo.

The Agent

Sarah is a German-American art agent and event organizer in her 40’s. She wants to be where the money is and she knows how to get there, or at least she claims to know it.

Well settled in the Berlin’s art scene, she is always in the coolest event of the night, spending most of the time there just shaking hands. She is living way above her possibilities, maxing out credit cards and keeping her image always neat, while organizing events for her new discoveries.

She has been recently on the down side of the art market, investing in a couple of talents that did not turn out to be very successful and most of all lucrative.
She sees in Paolo’s viral video the chance to create a new phenomenon in the Berlin art scene and immediately decides to go for it.
Cynical, manipulative, she can play with words and convince you to do anything and the opposite of that. She has her very own kind of morality, built around what she wants to achieve. She is like an animal in the jungle, adapting to survive and fight his way up in the food chain.


As a transgender man, Andy has struggled with his identity all his life and because of this has developed a thick skin. This, along with his natural wit and biting sense of humour, has helped him in a life battling for his rights. Now, well into his thirties, he has a solid sense of identity, but has also begun to feel a strong desire for something new. He dreams of leaving the restless city for a more relaxed existence. He plans to take off in an old camper van and has spent the past three years learning mechanics and fixing up the van himself. He just can’t bring himself to finally turn the key and hit the road. In Paolo he somehow finds a soul mate, and he almost feels like his older brother.



Federico Peduzzi

Born in 1989 in Rome, Federico Peduzzi graduated from the “Direction and Cinematographic authoring” course at the Roma Film Academy in 2010 and later on in 2014 received a Master degree in Psychology at La Sapienza University. His two short films L’IMPUTATO (2010) and IL PRIGIONIERO (2013) have been screened and won awards at a number of national and international festivals. In 2014 Federico moved to Berlin, where he directed the short film STILLER ABSCHIED and was the Assistant Director on RESPRINGENDO and LOOK BABA I’M HAPPY. In 2018, he was the Unit Manager for the German feature film EFFIGIE.

Much like Paolo, I came to Berlin for its vibrant art scene and I am eager to share the experiences and stories I have been living since I moved here. My main focus is directed to the conflicting relationship that people have with the city, in a constant dualism between attraction and repulsion. The attempt to assimilate and feel part of Berlin society is one of the main engine of the story.



Sergio Proto

Born in Naples in 1985, Sergio studied Filmmaking and Directing at the “New University Of Cinema And Television” in Cinecittà, Roma, and at the New York Film Academy, New York. He has directed a series of videos for popular websites such as Repubblica.it and the Huffington Post, for live shows featuring Arcade Fire, Robert Plant, The Black Keys and others. In 2017, he worked as a filmmaker on Abel Ferrara’s documentary “PIAZZA VITTORIO“, which featured in the Venice Film Festival. Sergio also worked as a production manager for the “Real Time” channel on the Italian television and as an assistant director with one of the most famous italian web-series: The Pills. He is currently teaching filmmaking and documentary classes at the “Sentieri Selvaggi” film school in Rome.

To me, Flatmates is a fast bike ride through all the contradictions that are a feature of the contemporary generation. I am very interested in the fast rate of change in modern life as people go from job to job, flat to flat, identity to identity. The poetic element of FLATMATES that compels me the most is the idea of a man out of time, a traditional painter trying to make it in the modern era where pictures are instantly taken, consumed and forgotten. Can we find the courage to resist the constant and aimless race of city life?



Peter Garajszki

As a german-hungarian who was torn from culture to culture, the only constant meaning of expression for him was the pictorial language. After graduating in 2010 as an Assistant Director and 2013 in Communication- and media science (main focus: documentary) he started working as a freelance Gaffer in 2014. With his roots in documentary filming, Peter has always been interested in the deeper values and stories that only film can convey. Since he is living in Berlin he got in touch with a wide variety of films in all its facets, interesting personalities, directors for advertising, music video and narrative film, like: „LOOK BABA, I’M HAPPY“ (2018) and „A MATTER OF PAINT“ (2018).



Valerio Tedone

Valerio Tedone graduated in “Sound” at the National school of cinema in Rome, since then he has worked as a Sound Engineer, Sound Designer and Boom Operator for several projects such as Netflix Series “Baby” and “Gomorrah” the series. He has also worked in “Fortunata” and “La Tenerezza” awarded with the Italian Prize given by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists, the “Silver Ribbon”.

Production Designer


Wayne Wolfgram

Superprolific Production Designer and Art Director from Virginia, Wayne cv speaks by himself: he has worked for artist such as Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Iggy Azalea, Snoop Dogg, Calvin Harris, Slipknot, Rita Ora, Demi Lovato, Usher, Avril Lavigne, The Dream, Ice Cube, Common, Tyga, and Selena Gomez. And ads for Facebook, Verizon, Reebok, Adidas and Amazon.



Viviana Crosato

Viviana Crosato graduated in “Costume Design” at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome in 2016. Since then, she worked as Costume designer and Stylist for many film projects and music videos, such as the italian feature film “Ci vuole un fisico” and the shortfilm “Piccole Italiane”, screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2017 .

She also worked as Assistant Costume designer for the most important international project shot in Italy, such as “007 – Spectre”, “Zoolander 2”, “John Wick 2” and “My brilliant friend”.



Miles Berkley-Smith

Miles has always loved stories and was both an avid reader and cinema goer from a young age. Unsurprisingly, he studied Editing at the University of Westminster where he graduated with a 1st class honours, in part for his graduation piece LAZAR, a film about a Serbian immigrant in the post-Brexit UK.
Since then he’s being telling stories as an editor, and is always striving to keep the audience interested and engaged. Whether that be in documentaries such as GROUND RUSH, about a charismatic Basejumper, and FAMILY OF GOD, about the troubled followers of an evangelical church, to the drama shorts, A SECRET JOURNEY and HEMINGWAY’S BAR. The first about three Irish women seeking abortions in the UK and the latter a slapstick comedy about an old mans ridiculous plan to cure his best friend of his phobia of dogs.



Lorenzo Petracchi

Tuscan by birth, Roman by adoption, a bachelor in linguistic communication at University of Florence, Lorenzo has been editing video since he was 19 years old, but he became a professional in 2010, after two years of editing school at Cinecittà. Since then he started to work with several international crews on many kind of projects, such as national tv programs, videoclips, documentaries and a fair number of award-winning short movies. Main titles are: “Il corridoio del grande albergo” (2010), “L’imputato” (2010), “Il Primo giorno” (2011), “The last seed” (2011), “Per il tuo bene” (2012) “Il prigioniero” (2013), “L’ora del buio” (2017) “Look Baba I’m happy” (2018).

Sound Editor


Alessandro Fusaroli

After graduating as a sound technician at the “Licinio Refice” conservatory, he specialized in sound editing at “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome.
Since 2016 he worked as a sound editor on several films and documentaries including “Happy Winter”, “The Armadillo Prophecy”, “Il Bene Mio” and “Il Sindaco del Rione Sanità” in competion at the Venice Film Festival.
He is currently working on series produced by HBO and Wildside




RGBalpha was founded in 2018 by three senior compositors Marcus Eich, Max Marvin Kuper and Alexander Marschner.
Located in a loft in Berlin Wedding we look back at a long history in VFX.
We met while working at different companies and freelancing on Features such as “THE MAN FROM UNCLE”, “WHITE GOD”, “AFTER EARTH”, “LA NOVIA”, “BERLIN FALLING”, “IVY”, “TATORT”, and lot of german TV Productions and commercials over the last 15 years.
We’re happy to be part of the flatmates family!


Bild 11.02.19 um 18.05

Hélène Irdor

Born and raised in the suburb of Paris, Hélène Irdor got her Assistant Director diploma in 2012 after studying 3 years at ESEC (Paris 12). She worked on more than 20 short movies as well as TV programs as a 1st ,2nd A.D and in casting. She also worked one year as a casting assistant for one of France most watched serie « Plus Belle la Vie ». She had the chance to collaborate with famous French directors such as Coline Serreau, Sara Forestier or casting directors such as Natalie Chéron and Laurence Lustyk.

Make up artist


Reem Jarhum

Reem Jarhum is a MUD certified berlin based Film & Editorial Makeup Artist from Yemen.  Since arriving in Berlin over a year ago, Reem has worked on a variety of commercial and independent projects  Her work has been published in stick&stones agency, e-lucid magazin and various others. . Recently she took part in Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week for designer Killian Kerner/Häagen Dasz. Her Clients include BMG Rights, Universal Music, BH Cosmetics, and The Berlin Music Awards.

Reem’s journey took off in Beirut with upoming film creators on the experimental short film The Photograph alongside celebrity actor Julian Farhat. Shortly afterward she collaborated with filmmakers from the Royal Film Commission in Jordan on a number of projects, where she connected with talented local and international cast, crews and productions.